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Artist Statement:

"I'm a curious person with nothing to hide. My art expresses these curiosities. Is it important? Maybe it is or isn't. Instead of talking about it, create a painting of it or drawing? A work of art makes curiosities worth mentioning."

-Mike Schelly-

About The Artist:

Mike Schelly, received professional art training at the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts in the early 1990's. He then continued his art training at Otis College of Art and Design, and received a bachelor of fine arts degree in 1997. He was commissioned to create a mural on a stairway in Mt. Washington, California in 1996. His paintings are oil or acrylic on canvas, and drawings are made with several mediums on paper. His subjects both can be realistic or abstract, depending on what he feels is suitable for his concept. He has been exhibiting his art at cafes, art festivals, and art galleries in Los Angeles County since his college graduation.

Since 2015, all artwork was created on computer using software that mimics fineart; therefore, all art work can only be sold as prints. If you would like to purchase a print, click on the e-mail link on the left. The artist will transfer the image to ebay where the prints can be sold. The artist will under no circumstances accept a personal check.